Strategic Alignment Toward Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose and Dreams

My favorite way to work sometimes...ok all of the time.

StarShine: Not Just for the Kids

Here you might find some new perspectives, motivation, and strategies for taking action so you can take back your true power and start Believing in Yourself and abilities. When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. But if you plant one now, you’ll have a pretty nice tree in twenty years. Decide today to invest in yourself as a priority. If you don’t put the oxygen mask on yourself first, everybody else dies in the plane.
You are Programming YOUR Future by every small and large choice you make. One of the first things toward improving your life is to be aware of how YOU are programming your future. How are you labeling yourself? Are you programming yourself to fail and allowing past habits and events rule your future?

Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Am I relevant? Am I significant? Am I lovable? filters every thought, every action you take, all day long. Those three questions must be answered with a “yes” whether you are a dog or a person. If any of the three are answered with a “no” or “maybe not,” your behavior and ability to be successful will be less than desirable.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to dream about a time that you would become somebody or would be in charge of your destiny and nothing could stop you from being exactly what you wanted to be? I want this never to stop for your child and I want to reignite and re-empower your dreams again.

Now as an adult, you have the independence and authority you wished for as a child, but things aren’t going the way you had planned. We want your child to understand how to accept change and stay on track toward goals. Does your life seem to be all work and no play? We teach kids how to play, how to have friends and how to use technology without destroying relationships. Do you feel uneasy about your future? As you see your child (including your own inner child) learning, you too will become more hopeful and inspired. Do you ever start to doubt yourself? You are unique with unique gifts to offer the world. You will learn more about finding and using your gifts as you assist your child. Do you get stuck wanting to move ahead in life but aren’t sure if now is the right time, or you aren’t exactly sure how to proceed? Have you been waiting for the right time to do something and are now realizing there is never a perfect time? It already went by.

Childhood Woes
From childhood, we’ve been taught to do what authority figures told us to do. We have been
programmed that other people are smarter, wiser, and have more experience. We’ve been warned
about the disastrous results that might happen if the rules aren’t followed. The bottom line is that
we’ve been taught to give our power away and not trust our own judgment or truly believe in ourselves.
Perhaps you’ve forgotten your power to listen to the deepest part of yourself – your real needs, your
desires, your gut instincts – and you’ve begun to make choices that are no longer satisfying. The good
news is that your point of power is this minute in time. It’s the decisions you will make and act on from this day forward that will determine your destiny.

We all have unproductive behaviors or habits that keep us from using our potential effectively. If your self-talk reinforces those unproductive behaviors or habits you are actually programming those unproductive behaviors to be more powerful and harder to get rid of in your life and self-image.

Kids and Parents are our customers at . Whether or not they are receiving what they need and want in education determines our success. We exist because we are different. All children are born from nobility and they should be trained to live a noble life of success, happiness and responsibility. You would not have survived history if your ancestors were not of royal descent. So you really are from royalty. You just have not been trained to be royal. You’ve been given bad advise. Kings and Queens daughters and sons were given vast amounts of resources and experiences to insure learning and proper growth. They were rarely punished, but they were taught self-discipline. StarShine brings this noble training to reach each child and each adult to be powerful in body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness, as well as academics. Children are powerful and capable when given the opportunity and discipline, rather than simply indulgence. Children must be taught to believe in dreams, but take action out of responsibility to make the world better. They need to know that attitude and choice determines success. StarShine has simplified the system for every child to find his or her unique pathway, with the guidance of an adult. Adults also, learn along the way.

I continually research to bring the very best resources to you, in the most simple, effective and fast way to use them. I have many coaches and I love to share the advice and systems I learn and integrate from them, with you. I hope as you live more of your dreams you will become one of our Strategic Alliances so we can together, spread more of this.

xoxo Trish