Powerfully, Happily, Present, Mindful

Peace, Wellness,( R)Evolutionize, Learn Like Tomorrow Matters, Realize
Transformation, Peace, Wellness

Mindfulness is a popular word today. While the word hate has about the same number of Google searches as it did in the beginning of the Internet, happy, stress and mindfulness continue to double every few months. As a yoga, meditation teacher of many, many years and now present day coach to thousands of StarShine kids and adults ..these are a few things I have learned to tame your brain and get you into a happy, more content place. I hope you like it.
1. First just know, your mind is able to be trained…don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Sometimes people are crazy just because they believe they are…someone told you that you are too weird. Now you believe it and you wire your brain to believe it. Starting today, begin to wire your mind to be peaceful and happy.
2. Walking helps…any physical movement gets oxygen into your brain. Each time your foot hits the ground repeat a positive word you love…it trips up your brain and begins the new wiring process.
happy3.Pay attention to your breath, moving in and out, slow your breathing down…twice as slow on the outbreath as on the inbreath. This exercise brings your blood oxygen level up so you can think more clearly.
4. Decide you are going to live a healthy, happy, stronger life beginning now.
5. Be diligent about who or what puts information into your mind…you are an average of the five people in your head…choose them carefully.
6. God bless you…spirit wants you to be happy…wouldn’t you want to give that to someone you love?
7. This is a sweet movie 🙂 http://www.thehappymovie.com/