I am off to see the Pope….Day 2

Day 2—actually a spontaneous add to Day 1

Trish on Plane

Pilot: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some bad news”…(not what I want to hear… Nor is it good for anyone else….) There is a fire at the airport in Rome and they have closed the airport….and we must divert immediately to Paris. I am thinking… This is NOT bad news!!! this is an adventure!

So we landed on a runway in Paris and a bus came out to meet us, and 250 people tried to crowd into the bus…they brought another one. Then we waited together for another two hours to go to a hotel to await further instruction. The airplane representatives gave us a little paper note with a telephone number to call for more information about what to expect, next. Then when we crowded into the hotel, we waited in line another hour and one-half to get a room assignment. Some people were furious but we weren’t. This is life. The Beatles said “Life is what happens when you are planning something else.” Yes it is….wonderful. Sometimes and sometimes not, wonderful, but always an adventure if you make it that way.

We had to lie down. Too much excitement for one day…or is it two days?

Eiffel Tower—no matter how tired I am, I am going to get back up and go to see the Eiffel Tower.