I am off to see the Pope Day 3

We nearly missed the flight to Frankfurt as we allowed two hours but did not know after we arrived at the airport, we would have to take a one hour train. We ran to our gate after the check-in person got really scared we would miss our flight. We arrive in Rome…through traveling to Frankfurt, first. Luggage everywhere as fifteen airplanes have to use one luggage carousel because of the fire. Only flight back to Rome in two days….instead of 1 hour flight, must travel to Frankfurt…where I was born. Get on another plane after a two.one/hour wait. Two hours later in Frankfurt, arrive in Rome from Paris and Frankfurt at around 2:30 Got settled in Rome hotel around five p.m. after waiting forever for the luggage after walking to a bus on the tarmac because couldn’t go into burnt airportFlying into Frankfurt on May 9.2015….Decided to eat in hotel as too tired to go anywhere.