You are Your CEO

In one year you can completely change the parts of your life that aren’t working. I guarantee it. I have helped hundreds of people more than triple their income, work less, have better business and personal processes, become happier and healthier, because the stronger each of us can reach, the better off the world is. And I am not even counting the StarShine kids, who learn to do the same thing. Based on my clients’ needs over time and scientific evidence we discover every day at StarShine, I finally put together a one-year course, based on a one-week at a time focused effort…all simple but it takes sticking to it.

Here is a quick overview, sometimes I rearrange the classes but you will get the idea. I know you’ve heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It is actually the way your brain and body works together.

Get ready to transform immediately:

Chapter 1   Know your Brain, it’s not your friend. Body, Food, Water, Self-Management: Body, Mind, Spirit, Health, Wealth and Happiness (Beauty and Safety are paramount)

Chapter 2   Know Your Heart, it’s your guide. Music makes you smarter. Classical music everywhere.

Chapter 3   Authenticity. Wake up and give thanks. No shame, blame victim: ever. Respect and honor always.

Chapter 4   Nobility vs. crude. History of learning. Renaissance.

Chapter 5   Manners, executive protocol, dress for success, stand tall, hand shake, excellent eating habits. Class Act®

Chapter 6   Public Speaking and Performance Excellence. Communication, writing acknowledging.

Chapter 7   Strength Lifting weights makes you feel more confident. Participation in sports helps you stay on health and attitude goals.

Chapter 8   Mindfulness and Meditation Stand on one foot. Practice breathing exercises throughout the day…it causes % of oxygen in brain to go up.

Chapter 9   Keeping Your Power: Connect vs/ Convince Love vs/ Fear

Chapter 10 Dress to Get Anything You Want

Chapter 11 Creating a Vision Board and Goal Setting

Chapter 12 You ARE An Average of the Five People in Your Head. Build relationships with people who are what you want NOT what you don’t want.

Chapter 13 Doing Business With Those You Know, Like and Trust

Chapter 14 Values and Mission Statement for Self and StarShine

Chapter 15 You are the CEO of Your Life

To sign up for this course go to and type CEO in the box. We will email you all of the information you need to begin this journey with me. You’re going to love it.

On another note:

I am searching for outstanding wisdom to deliver worldwide, in the format required by StarShine’s accreditation. If you think you should be sharing what you know with students all over the world, let me know by typing wisdom into the contact box.

I search out: One of One’s…if you have spent 10,000 hours working at learning and doing something, chances are you know more than anyone else about that. And we want others to have the benefit of learning from passionate, excited mentors just like you. No one wants to learn from boring, disinterested teachers.

We have developed a package to help you create curriculum and the delivery you need to reach our students or your own students, worldwide. It will take all of us being the best at whatever we love, to hold hands and help this world to be in Glory to God, the way it is supposed to be. xoxo Trish