About Trish McCarty

Trish McCarty, considered one of the leading innovators in K-12 education began life as an Air Force dependent, was born in Frankfurt, Germany and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She learned that the world was connected from a very young age. With a deep interest in health and well-being she went to Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, where she studied brain neuroscience and to become a part of the medical field, only to realize that “medicine” was not about making people ultimately healthy. So she was recruited to be fast-tracked as a young female executive for AT&T in bringing women into the industry in leadership positions. It was here that Trish formed her beginning ideas of what should be taught about success, starting with kindergartners. After seven years at AT&T in Colorado and San Diego, she was recruited to work for the President of the western division of Mellon Bank in Denver, where she was introduced to banking from a world-bank perspective. She learned quickly as she represented Mellon to investors and commercial developments. She earned a real estate broker’s license as well as a mortgage banker’s license while working in banking and eventually founded new banking operations for a large retirement home developer.  The company grew to $128M dollars within the first five years and earned several awards and honors, including INC Magazine’s top 100 companies. Trish was featured in several publications for her innovation and systems management, as she formed a team to create the first open-source, interactive mortgage loan application live on the Internet. Her views on economic development and community building were sought after by political leaders and developers. As a working mother, beginning at age 17, Trish was constantly concerned about her children’s education and the disappointment she felt as she searched for the most appropriate schools for them. She sent one of her daughters to a boarding school in the Czech Republic because she could not find what her daughter needed in the U.S. Although, thankful she had the means to provide alternatives in education for her own children, she developed great concern for mothers having limited choices and the impact to the economic stability of the United States having uneducated or poorly educated children.  In 2002, Trish formed a group of concerned citizens, cashed in her savings and credit cards and opened the first StarShine Academy International K-12 charter, non-profit, school, to study in real time, the very best learning environment. StarShine schools focus on the individual learning to be a noble, holistic, responsible, peace-making, learner. The curriculum integrates environmental gardening, technology, finance, art, music and international studies. She soon formed another company, StarShine Planet, to regulate, constantly improve and help others open more StarShine Academy schools throughout the world. StarShinePlanet.com and StarShine School In a Box supports all schools and Home School parents.